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Small Penis Humiliation (SPH)

Small Penis Humiliation (sph) is where a man is subjected to nasty comments, rude gestures, and public or private humiliation about the inadequate size of his penis. Due to the smallness of his penis he is unable to please a woman (or man) sexually, which means he is worthless/useless as a man.

A receiver of SPH can be passively humiliated like getting comments in public showers and change-rooms etc, or they can actively seek it out as part of a ‘humiliation fetish’ where they can become involved in one or more of the following: exhibitionism, feminisation/sissification, crossdressing (especially wearing panties), chastity cages, cuckolding, forced bisexual, pegging, total submission, and female domination (femdom).

Many small penis men develop a humiliation fetish over their tiny dicks and actively seek out SPH.

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SPH PicsOur SPH Picture Creations – SPH images created by for site by our resident gold member: small_dik
SPH PicsSmall Penis Humiliation (SPH) Pictures – All these images come from the web or have been submitted to us.
SPH PicsCuckold & Femdom Pictures – In the world of the cuckold, his female partner dominates everything he does.
smalldick-bigcock-compare (6)Comparison SPH Pictures – What better way to pwn a small dick guy by making him compare it with a guy who has a big dick!
Sissy Shemale SPHSissy Boy Girls Picture Gallery – the ultimate expression of feminisation and sissification of a small dick man is to turn him into a transgendered person.
Guys laughing at small dicks Guy/Gay SPH Pictures – cos sometimes even the guys like to laugh at those tiny, tiny dicks other men have.
Clits Bigger Than DicksClits Bigger Than Dicks – You’ve heard it said, "My clit is bigger than your dick!" So here are some women with big clits. Check them out to see if these chicks are hung better than you.
Caged For her PleasureCaged For Her Pleasure – Some women like their small dick men caged up and denied so they can tease them all the time, keeping them in a constant state of arousal. Submit your caged picture.
Nothing In MY PantsNothing In My Pants – When you have a small dick, you have no bulge in your pants. Submit your ‘Nothing in my Pants‘ picture. You can be wearing underpants, bathers, or even panties if that’s your thing. Make sure we can see clearly that you have nothing in your pants.
Male Castration SPH - Some men crave the ultimate humiliation of being turned into a euncuh to serve his female mistress with ultimate fealty.
small-penis-overcompensation09Small Penis Compensation – Urban Legend says some small dick guys overcompensate for their lack of manhood with big flashy cars etc.

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Terms frequently used during Small Penis Humiliation include:

baby carrot, baby cock, baby d, baby dick, Baby Dick Syndrome, Baby Dicked, Baby Weiner, babydick, button dick, dickette, dicklet, dickling, gherkin, Gherkinson’s Disease, Inch Worm, LDL, little chode, little d, little dick, little pecker, Little Peen, Little peeps, little penis, little wee wee, little wiener, maggot dick, Micro Penis, minidick, miniweiner, needle dick, one inch wonder, peenie, pindick, Runt Dick, short dick man, short dicked, short dizzle, short man Johnson, Short Shaft, short stick, small cock, small dick, Small Dick Man, small package, small penis syndrome, small weiner, small-cock, small-dickedness, Teenie Weenie Peenie, tiny, tiny cock, tiny dick, tiny hidding cock, tiny little pecker, tiny little weener., tiny member, Tit Dick, ballgina, , and wee wee